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Course work to complete while school is closed. All assignemnts will be submitted via Teams.
Each class has its own section below.
Watch this video if your child needs Microsoft Office at Home.
How to sumbit assignments!

7th Grade CCA

This Week

Your assignment this week is to plan a Family Staycation! Write up the plan and send it to me. One of the sections of this class is Family and Consumer Sciences or FACS, this week's Staycation assignment will help us all remember that while working is important sometimes we all need a day off, to just have fun!

Previous Weeks:

I am going to have eveone look at the Engineering Design Process by completing the game:"Can you get to class on time?". When you have completed it email me a snapshot (Windows+Shift+S) of the winning screen.

This week we will be focusing on differnt Farming Methods. keep an eye on Teams for videos and Discussions!

This week I am going to have you look into the Career & Technical Student Organizations that you can join while you are in High School. Here is a list of CTSOs that are in Utah.

Select One (1) CTSO, and imagine that you want to start a Scholar Academy Chapter. You have already proposed it to the Principal and she said you have to have a minimum number of students before the organization can be official. Create a recruiting campaign (digital poster in powerpoint) and submit through Teams, all posters will be posted on my website (stripped of personal information).

I am going to combine all 3 CCA teams in to a single one. That way you can pair up with classmates that have similar interests.

The focus this week will be on cooking, please cook one of the already planned meals that you have each day. Please submit, a list of the ingredients used and a video of you making the meal.

Example Recipies:

  1. Whole Wheat Bread
  2. Basic Homemade Bread
  3. Chocolate Cookies
  4. Baked Oatmeal
  5. Soft Pretzles

8th Grade DigLit

This Week

Check back for turotial videos for MS Excel!!

Previous Weeks

Review of Digital Citizenship by playing the game:"Bully Beware". When you have completed it email me a snapshot (Windows+Shift+S) of the winning screen.

We will be starting with MS Word. The files you need to complete your assignments are attached to the assignment, and also in the Files section of Teams.

Tutorial Videos will be posted here, check back daily for updates. My plan is that it will take you two days to complete one assignment.


  1. MS PowerPoint
  2. MS Word: 1 2 3 4
  3. MS Excel: 1 2

Creative Code

This Week

On the Activities Page there are many activities that will introduce you to various aspects of coding, from basic concepts to specific coding Languages. Please complete one or two activities.

Previous Weeks

This week I am going to have everyone look at the Debugging Process by completing the game:"GOING BUGGY". When you have completed it email me a snapshot (Windows+Shift+S) of the winning screen.

Below you will see a list of Tutorials on Scratch that I would like to you complete. There are a total of 8, please only complete one each day. Once we have completed these, I will post additional videos.
How to access the Tutorials.


  1. Add A Backdrop
  2. Add a Sprite
  3. Animate a Sprite
  4. Add Effects
  5. Record a Sound
  6. Arrow Keys
  7. Make a Clicker Game
  8. Chase Game