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Welcome to Mr. Cranes Website

On the various pages of my website you will find a variety of information about computers, the Internet, and a multitude of programs that the students will see over the years.


For great safety tips check out this website:


Typing Tests @ Home

If your child is either missing a typing test, or would like to take more they can do it at home. In about 5 min they can have completed more than one test!

Step 1: go to (NO ACCOUNT NEEDED)

Step 2: in the BLUE test settings box (under the test text) choose the test length

   3rd Grade: 30 Sec

   4th - 6th Grade: 1 Min

Step 3: Start Typing

Step 4: after the test if complete you will see a small oragne button that says "personalize" type your childs name in the text box and click the button.

Step 5: copy and paste the "link to results" web address into an email and send it to

Step 6: repeat if desired

Makeup Work

If you missed a class please do about 10 minutes of typing practice at home. Have your parents send me an email to certify that you did it. 


This LINK contains some keyboarding activities that you can use. Other options could include typing a letter to a relative, typing your spelling words, or if you were typing a report for Literacy class...

Parent Notes


All Students 3rd grade and up will have a school administered Office 365 account.  With this they will have access to many of the MS Office products via the internet (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more!).  This will enable the students to comminicate with thier teachers, work on assignments from home, and prevent other students from making unauthorized changes to any project files they have saved.

The format for each grade is shown below.  The password is "Owls####", relace the "#" with your students Lunch number.

Example for "John Smith" in each grade, lunch number 0001.